About Us

The benefits of solar farms

Solar farms use simple, reliable photovoltaic (PV) technology to generate electricity. PV has long term support from the Government, as solar farms help the UK reduce its dependence on imported fuels, and also help meet our binding renewable energy targets.

Farms are typically 30 to 70 acres in size, and bring high rental value for suitable land with good access to the power network.

Solar farms are safe and unobtrusive, with no moving parts and nearly all of the equipment below 4 metres in height.

A typical 5MWp farm would provide enough electricity for 1,000 homes.


Based in Oxfordshire, Solafields is wholly UK-owned and our team have extensive backgrounds in UK renewable energy project development, grid connections, construction and power station operations. We have been actively involved in many of the UK’s early solar power stations.

What we are looking for

If you are a landowner and have land within sight of the power network and not located in a sensitive area, then we would be delighted to hear from you.